Welcome! I am a freelance writer and essayist who publishes on parenting, education, and life. I bring my experience as a teacher, a middle school principal, a mother, a daughter, and an all-around adventurous woman, to my writing.

My essay “Motherhood is Real” is now in stores in the book This I Believe: On Motherhood. You can view my other published work at the links above.

I blog at The Family That Reads Together. Most posts describe how to use books to connect and engage with your children.

My current works-in-progress include Civil, a middle grade time fantasy about five very different seventh graders who find out they belong to a secret society of time-traveling crime fighters, and If Bees Dance, an early chapter book about a princess and a knight who solve scientific mysteries.

Please contact me with any questions at wendy(at)wendylawrence(dot)org.